“It is the joy and exuberance that becomes so noticeable when children are playing in nature, becoming co-inhabitants of the space and totally integrated with the cycles, interrelationships, and magic. It is the awe and wonder that connects, surprises and gives children that sparkle in their eyes. Without this connection, life can be very different, and I believe all the poorer.”

Sarah Blackwell – Forest Schools Kindergarten – Founder

The Adventure Begins


All children, for the morning session, arrive at our kindergarten at Middlewood by 9am. For the afternoon session, by 1:30pm.

Each child meets in the Wolf Cub, Fox Cub or Badger room depending on age to find out how everyone is, what their excitements are for the day and to check that everyone knows what will be happening with each group. So when ready, children are given the opportunity to visit the bathroom before going to the locker rooms and getting into waterproof dungarees, coats and wellies. When everyone is ready, we make our way outside.

Off We Go


Staff listen to the children’s ideas and thoughts on the day, on the adventure to be had or other aspects that the children want to talk about. All ruck sacks are checked to contain the days provisions, slung on backs, jackets secured, and off we wander through the park, through the wall, meandering through the wood, onto the road for a small distance and then drop down through the trees, over the River Don and finally into the Forest.



Once everything is set up, it is the beginning of free play and we go and explore, run, jump and climb and engage. Children have the time and space to be directors of their own learning, staff taking an observational role as opposed to a directional one. Children are empowered to be self directive, critical and nalytical thinkers through managing their own learning process. Staff involvement and interactions are available to provide support when and if required.

Lunch And Snacks


At 11.30 we all get ready for lunch, use the toilet and wash our hands. We gather together our bags and place our sit mats in a circle and we share our adventures and discoveries and special times from the morning and we listen to a story.

The afternoon offers a nap in the hammocks, a nature walk, more free play on our own or with friends. As the afternoon wears on we have another snack around 2.30pm, pack up our camp and get ready for the walk to come home.

What you can expect of us

You can expect us to be there for you, to provide the highest quality provision in the city and for us to understand the unique and special needs of your child, indoors and out.