Forest Schools Kindergartens

8 FSK Principles

The 8 FSK Principles

  • The wellbeing of the child is at the heart of our practice. (Child)
  • Children are given the freedom to play and explore through self-initiated enquiry. (Child)
  • Natural outdoor spaces create a relaxed and unrestrained environment that promotes inclusive learning. (Environment)
  • The approach is holistic and nurtures resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness, and reflection. (Curriculum)
  • A progressive curriculum of nature immersion is provided throughout the year, focusing on the natural elements and changing seasons. (Curriculum)
  • Positive relationships between child and adult are created to provide support and trust. (Adult)
  • Practitioners are compassionate and caring towards the needs of the children and the environment. (Adult)
  • Partnerships with parents are crucial in providing an effective flow of communication to support the child’s personal needs and interests. (Parents)