Forest Schools Kindergartens

Sessions and Price

At our Nature Nurseries we provide children with a full forest schools program that we require both children and parents to invest in so that children can reap the benefits. For the full benefit of a Forest Schools experience.

Our sessions run from 8am – 6pm, we also offer half day sessions which are 8am – 1pm and 1pm – 6pm, we can also offer a mix of hours to suit your needs. Please contact Middlewood Nature Nursery directly on 0114 283 4067 with any enquiries.

Prices and Session: 

3 Months - 2 Years£58Full Day
8am - 6pm
2 Years - 3 Years £56Full Day
8am - 6pm
3 Years and Above£53Full Day
8am - 6pm

Meals are prepared fresh on site for a small cost of £2.00 for lunch and £1.50 for tea.

We do accept the 15 hours government funding and the 15 hours extended funded however this is offered on a stretched basis over 51 weeks instead of term time only which equates to 10 hours government funded and 10 hours Extended funding. There is a supplementary charge which is to pay for the Forest Schools Sessions and the higher ratio of staff required to carry out the forest schools program. The cost of this is £20 per day.

The nursery may from time to time increase any fees or charges on giving not less than 4 weeks written notice of such increase, for those paying the full cost of childcare. We will give a minimum a 1 months notice in advance of any term start date if fees will differ in relation to funded children.

We do offer 10 places that are fully funded for families in receipt of income support. Please speak in complete confidence to the nursery manager to discuss this further.