“I have lived in this area for all my life and played in the woods for hours on end. Now I am a grandmother, still living here and my own children grew up here. We have been waiting for such a long time for a school (nursery) with a new and refreshing approach that just seems to understand the needs of children. Congratulations and I know that the children will all learn so much through playing in the woods, as I did as a child”

Grandparent and Local Resident

Features of the Adventure


  • Happy, Healthy and confident babies and children all year round
  • Outstanding provision based on Scandinavian Outdoor Learning Model
  • Safe, secure and well resourced indoor and outdoor play areas for all ages
  • Nursery based on over 14 years of Forest Schools Early Years provision
  • Ofsted and Health and Hygiene Registered
  • Easy Access via Middlewood Tram, park and ride, bus routes and visitor car parking available
  • An all-inclusive service including nappies, balanced food, formula milk and with no hidden costs
  • All staff fully qualified in childcare with exceptional experience
  • Excellent nutritionally-balanced menu using fresh, organic and locally sourced (whenever possible) ingredients
  • Prepared by our own chef

Session Hours

Monday to Friday

8.00am – 6.00pm

Sessions times

Morning 8am – 1.00pm including morning snack and lunch

Afternoon 1.00pm – 6.00pm including afternoon snack and tea

Full Day 8am – 6.00pm Morning and afternoon snack and lunch and tea included


Under 2’s

Half Day £30

Full Day £50

Nappies, Formula and Sudacrem included if required

Over 2’s

Half Day £25

Full Day £45

Nappies, Formula and Sudacrem included if required

Joining Fee

A joining fee of £70 will be chargeable to cover administration fees and children’s outdoor kit

For Children who are just accessing the Government funded hours this will be a cost of £40 for Uniform, no administration costs will be charged

Children will be provided with full waterproofs, rucksack and water bottle. This kit will remain at the nursery and will be laundered by our house keeper

Benefits of Well Qualified and Experienced Staff

  • Children feel valued and cherished in a real ‘family’ environment
  • Successes are celebrated every day
  • Children’s natural interests and enquiry is paramount and our staff are intuitive in their support of all our children to enable them to reach their full potential in all areas
  • Forest Schools Ethos and Principles are essential to facilitate a compassionate and caring child and build all areas of learning in an innovative and scientifically proven process
  • A deep love of nature is nurtured in children through the daily interactions and a positive environmental identity is developed through that balance
  • Your child is well looked after during every minute they are with us, and whilst they may slip or trip or fall off balance, we know the benefits of an exciting, challenging and playful time during childhood and how this can support confidence and emotional wellbeing as they grow up
  • Children’s wellbeing is essential and our staff are trained to care for their emotional as well as physical wellbeing
  • Health is a major part of our family and community setting and children will have an opportunity to prepare, cook, and grow their own seeds from scratch creating a respect for, and balanced view of where their own food comes from and how to understand nutrition for life

We will work always in partnership with you as parents

You are the most important person in the care of your child and we want to work in partnership with you to ensure that we can support you to enable a smooth and successful transition when it comes to areas such as weaning, potty training, playful exploration, investigation, mark making and learning about the world and people around them. The more we can work together the more confident you will be in us and the the happier your child will be

Parents are always welcome

We are happy to welcome you always to the nursery and also offer you a cup of tea. We have regular parents evenings and also provide you through regular diary updates of the progress your child is making and provide photos of their day. We know that photos speak a thousand words!

Finding out about their day

Your child is the reason that our nursery exists. Our staff are professionals and gifted in their understanding of child development as well as how the outdoors can support them and their emerging individual and unique personalities, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing

We will provide you with electronic ‘link-ins’ to their special page through the nursery recording profile that monitors their daily Learning Journey. This records their weekly developments and offers you an insight into your child’s key moments of learning and discovery. We will ensure that you do not miss any thing that we know is a special moment in their life.

As parents you will always receive a daily summary of what your child has done, eaten, if they slept and any other major key moments of that we think you’d like to know. We will be able to encourage, through this tight partnership a continuity to support further progress that is unique for you as a family and them as an individual child.

Your child has an identified key person that is always there for you and your child’s Learning Journey is available for you to look at any time.