Why Forest Schools Kindergarten?

You as a parent or carer are passionate about your children and you want the best for them. Children growing up in nurturing environments flourish. We know that children thrive when they are building strong relationships with other children, with grownups and the environment in which they live and learn supports this. Nature is the perfect environment for children. You know from your own childhood that the fondest memories, the greatest learning probably happened when you were outside playing with your friends. We are replicating that for your children in a safe place and allowing your children to learn freely

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the Scientific research in early childhood development. Children require connection with nature in order to support their brain function and holistic development in intellectual, cognitive, creative, linguistic, emotional, social and physical processes.

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“It is the joy and exuberance that becomes so noticeable when children are playing in nature, becoming co-inhabitants of the space and totally integrated with the cycles, interrelationships, and magic. It is the awe and wonder that connects, surprises and gives children that sparkle in their eyes. Without this connection, life can be very different, and I believe all the poorer.”

Sarah Blackwell – Forest Schools Kindergarten – Founder

Forest Schools Kindergarten - Sheffield

Our Journey

Over the past 15 years we have been working with children and families just like yours in the woodland settings. However my education and childcare experience started in 1983 and from there on I have had the privilege of working accross the age range, in a range of settings, environments and countries.

Our Committment to your child

Your child is of paramount importance to us and we want to give her/him the best start in life. We work only with the most confident and experienced professionals and only with trained Forest Schools practitioners

What we will expect of you

Because we offer a provision that has an emphasis on working in the out of doors, in all weathers, then we know that you will be supporting our way of working and actively supportig your children, by talking to them about their experiences and in some situations letting them show you where they have been and what they have been doing whilst at Forest Schools Kindergarten during the week

What you can expect of us

You can expect us to be there for you, to provide the highest quality provision in the city and for us to understand the unique and special needs of your child, indoors and out.