Why Forest Schools Kindergarten in Sheffield?
You as a parent or carer are passionate about your children and you want the best for them. Children growing up in nurturing environments flourish. We know that children thrive when they are building strong relationships with other children, with grownups and the environment in which they live and learn supports this. Nature is the perfect environment for children. You know from your own childhood that the fondest memories, the greatest learning probably happened when you were outside playing with your friends. We are replicating that for your children in a safe place and allowing your children to learn freely.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the Scientific research in early childhood development. Children require connection with nature in order to support their brain function and holistic development in intellectual, cognitive, creative, linguistic, emotional, social and physical processes.
Kenwood Nature Nursery Is Now Open
For ages 3 months - 5 years
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