Forest Schools Kindergartens

Our Kindergarten

Features of the Adventure

What We Provide

  • Happy, healthy and confident babies and children all year round
  • Outstanding provision based on Scandinavian Outdoor Learning Model
  • Safe, secure and well resourced indoor and outdoor play areas for all ages
  • Nursery based on over 14 years of Forest Schools Early Years provision
  • Ofsted and Health and Hygiene Registered
  • An all-inclusive service including nappies, balanced food, formula milk and with no hidden costs
  • All staff fully qualified in childcare with exceptional experience
  • Excellent nutritionally-balanced menu using fresh, organic and locally sourced (whenever possible) ingredients
  • Prepared by our own chef

“I have lived in this area for all my life and played in the woods for hours on end. Now I am a grandmother, still living here and my own children grew up here. We have been waiting for such a long time for a school (nursery) with a new and refreshing approach that just seems to understand the needs of children. Congratulations and I know that the children will all learn so much through playing in the woods, as I did as a child.”

Grandparent and Local Resident