Forest Schools Kindergartens

Middlewood Nature Nursery

What we do:

Every child is precious. Every day is special. Every encounter in the woodland is unique.

As a child-centred, collaborative and investigative provision, we want you, as a parent and carer to understand the wonderful opportunities that your child will encounter, all the riches, all the scope, and to appreciate the possibilities of taking part in this special adventure.

Since opening in December 2014, we have been overwhelmed with the number of parents seeking alternative and a more naturalistic education for their children.

We are located next to Middlewood Park and access Beeley Woods daily through its extensive public rights of way. Your children travel to the woods every day for a minimum of 2 hours.

At our Nature Nurseries we provide children with a full Forest Schools program that we require both children and parents to invest in so that children can reap the benefits. For the full benefit of a Forest Schools experience, children will attend at least 2 days per week to ensure that they can be fully engaged with the ethos over time. This also allows children to settle easier and be more comfortable and tuned in to the Forest Schools Program.

Our sessions run from 8am – 6pm, we do not offer half day sessions as the Forest Schools Program requires the children to spend the day in the woodland.

Forest Schools Kindergarten gives children the time, space and freedom to play, whilst immersed in a natural environment. Nature creates awe and wonder, it sparks curiosity and motivation to learn in a unique and holistic way. This inclusive approach is developed using the natural elements, through the changing seasons and nurtures resilience, responsibility and resolution. It equips children with a positive sense of well-being and the personal, social and emotional skills needed to grow into independent, confident individuals with a passion for life, that Joie d’Vivre, It is nature’s gift to children!

Meet Our Team


Ian Watson

Deputy Manager


Kally Booker

Team Leader

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Team Leader

Nicole Sowah

Childcare Practitioner


Alice Dobie

Childcare Practitioner


Karen Blakemore

Childcare Practitioner

Samantha Wild

Childcare Practitioner

Michael Dempsey

Nursery Assistant

Ellie Scott

Childcare Practitioner

Middlewood Nature Nursery
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